What is KEI in SEO and How its calculated?

KEI in SEO stands for "Keyword Efficiency Index" or "Keyword Effectiveness Index" which helps us to tell how good is a keyword for bringing traffic to your site. In simple words, this Index helps in shortlisting your selected Keywords.

How KEI is calculated?

Before calculating KEI, let us understand the factors which are important for your keywords.

First is Search Volume (SV):

Search Volume is numbers of searches generated for a keyword per month. To better understand lets take an example:

Lets find out the Search Volume for the keyword "Digital marketing" using Ubersuggest (Free keyword research tool) and see what we get.

We got Search Volume:135,000 for the keyword "digital marketing".

Second important factor for keyword research is Competition:

Competition is how many other websites are trying to rank for that particular keyword which you are willing to rank for.

The way to check Competition for your targeted keyword is very simple. Search your keyword on Google, for example lets search the keyword "digital marketing" on Google and now look at the image below to see where you find the Competition value:

Google competition for the keyword "Digital marketing"

So, the result we got is 2,91,00,00,000

Now, lets calculate KEI for the keyword "Digital marketing".

Formula for calculating KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index) is:

Formula for KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index)

Lets solve the equation now:

We have

Search volume: 135,000

Competition: 2,91,00,00,000

KEI= 135,000*135,000/2,91,00,00,000

KEI= 6.26

Yippee!! we got the answer: KEI for the keyword is 6.26

How to use KEI?

Now the question arises, after calculating KEI, What's next? How to use KEI?

Well, to know whether your selected keywords are good to go or not. You need to sort all your keywords in your spreadsheet by KEI. Remember: the higher KEI, the better your keywords.

You can choose Top 10 keywords with higher KEI to optimize your site and its content.

We hope this method will work out well for you all.

Bonus Point: If you want to know about a tool which can automatically calculate KEI for your keywords. You can check this awesome SEO tool: SEO PowerSuite

So, are you going to add separate column for KEI in your Excel spreadsheet? Comment below.

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