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Welcome to EduRevol- drive your own revolution, the place where education, knowledge, and skill comes first! My name is Divyajeet Singha and I’ve been a professional Digital Marketer and part-time forex trader since 2018.

I strongly believe that the first step to any success, to any good work, or to any worthwhile undertaking, is to adopt a positive attitude and to set a goal for yourself that you definitely intend to accomplish.

Since online resources have become increasingly more popular and valuable, I decided to take my passion one step further and create a platform for people to help them educate on website development, digital marketing, lifestyle, and personal finance. I am dedicated to providing you with quality articles and resources that you will find useful and inspiring.


I encourage you to read, scroll, click, share, and enjoy this everlasting learning experience with me.

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Table setup with devices

Website Development

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Digital Marketing

Post Production in Process

Video Creation / Editing